Bryce Mathew Wikman
Anônimo: Is this or brycewikman your real tumblr?

Yep.. both

delfincr: I can be your new friend?

Yeah!! Welcome!

gay-in-nz: Hey, I just found your blog, I just wanted to say that you're really hot and you seem like a decent guy too which is a rare combo, if only there were people like you in New Zealand haha

Thank you !!

Anônimo: Can you post a picture of your dick?

No, just  show to my future boyfriend or girlfriend

embraceyourmortality: hey handsome. you have a Skype?

No baby!!

Anônimo: Why do you shave your armpits?

You don’t like??

joecullors: One Word - Gorgeous ✌😘

Two Words - Thank You

195x: Omg you're bi? Good for you hah :)

Yeah!! But I like girls too.. so…….

kooter715: I have like the same boxers as you o.O

For sure you will look fine in it than I!

Show us

foretree: I want to be your friend!!!!!!!!! :) ♡♡

Welcome my new friend

angelkirilenko: i want you to fuck me but im a guy :-(

Pay for sex??

angelkirilenko: can you show us your bulk? plssssss plsss

What is bulk??

sasukespath: Aw thanks Bryce, you're special too. I'm serious, anytime you want to talk to someone, just shoot me a message. Oh, and you have an amazing body ;)

Thank you. xoxo